Master Key Week 8: The Root of All Good and Evil

Have you read or heard this New Testament Bible passage?

(1 Timothy 6:10), “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil”. 

What do you think of this quote? Is greed really the root of many evils? And if so, what is the root of most of the good?

This blog entry isn’t going to dive into Bible passages to find the answer or explore a theological discussion about good and evil. I am just going to present you with a few ideas from The Master Key System – Part Eight  and let you decide.

First, would it make you feel better to know that there was one unchanging law that governed everyone equally? Well, there is, and you may be surprised what it is. Are you ready to learn it?

“Thought results in action”. Or as others have stated it “Thoughts are things”.

You may be thinking “OK. That is nice, but how do you get to the root of all good and evil?”

Consider if you had mostly constructive thoughts.good-and-evil

  • Would you have a positive mental attitude?
  • Would you focus on what you wanted from life?
  • Would you use your imagination to idealize your future?

Consider if you had mostly destructive thoughts.

  • Would you have a negative attitude toward life?
  • Would you focus on the bad things around you and more misery coming into your  life?
  • Would you imagine how terrible things could become in the future?

Throughout the ages, people have come to associate the results of harmonious, constructive thoughts as GOOD.  People have also come to associate the results of inharmonious, destructive thoughts as EVIL.

Notice the focus of most people is on the results. However, results are created by the thoughts you hold in your mind all day. What kind of thoughts are foremost in your mind? Will these thoughts lead to GOOD results or EVIL results?

Consider this story:

There was once a wise old man sitting at the gate of an ancient city. A young traveler stopped before entering the city and asked the old man, “What kind of people live in this town?” The wise man answered with a question, “What kind of people were in the town you just came from?” “Oh, they were liars and cheats and thugs and drunks, terrible people,” the young traveler replied. The old man shook his head, “The people in this town are the same way.” Later another stranger paused to ask the same question, and again the wise man questioned his questioner, “What kind of people did you just leave?” The second traveler answered, “Oh, I left a fine town. The people were good and kind and honest and hardworking.” The wise man smiled and said, “The people in this town are the same way.”

Are you starting to see how the thoughts you hold in your mind determine the results your experience throughout life?

Try this one simple exercise and see how your life starts to change.

Whenever a negative or destructive thought enters your mind, substitute it with a positive thought instead. Think of a very humorous or joyous moment in your life. Quickly move to the happy thought and push the unhappy, negative thought out of your mind.

Some people believe that any thought that is held for over 16 seconds will begin to draw corresponding results into your life. Knowing this, wouldn’t you want to strive to keep positive, uplifting and constructive thoughts present in your mind all day long?

Your thoughts are the root cause of the majority of good and evil results that enter your life. Knowing this, what kind of thoughts will you steadfastly hold onto today and tomorrow?

7 thoughts on “Master Key Week 8: The Root of All Good and Evil

  1. Really love your wisdom. our outlook does effect our lives. Greed is a source of evil or bad ways. Used to tell my kids that money is not bad. It is what a person does with what they were given that determines the type of person they are.

  2. Hi Dan, thank you for the great post. You are a brilliant writer, and husband. It is good to be in a marriage with you where there is a good and kind, honest and hardworking couple. I am thrilled to be in this MKMMA with you.

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